Summer chicken skewers

Summer chicken skewers


Skewers or shish kebabs are perfect for summer - easy preparation and fast to clear. Finger food at its finest!

The ingredient of Summer chicken skewers

  1. 800g chicken tenderloins, cut into cubes
  2. 1 small red capsicum, deseeded, cut into cubes
  3. 1 small yellow capsicum, deseeded, cut into cubes
  4. 2 small zucchini, cut into rounds
  5. 2 tablespoons olive oil
  6. Vegeta Twist Chicken and Poultry Seasoning
  7. Salad leaves, to serve

The instruction how to make Summer chicken skewers

  1. Soak skewers in water for 30 minutes. Drain. Thread chicken onto skewers alternately with vegetables. Brush with oil. Sprinkle with seasoning.
  2. Preheat barbecue grill on high heat. Reduce heat to medium. Cook skewers for 5 to 6 minutes, turning occasionally, or until cooked through.
  3. Serve skewers with salad.

Nutritions of Summer chicken skewers

calories: 301.857 calories
calories: 12 grams fat
calories: 2 grams saturated fat
calories: 2 grams carbohydrates
calories: 2 grams sugar
calories: 45 grams protein
calories: 82.9 milligrams sodium
calories: NutritionInformation

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